Durafoam Die Cut Foam Applicator

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Versatile Applicator Pad 

This applicator offers just the right consistency for the finest and most even application of your favorite products. Constructed from the high quality micro-fine closed cell poly foam, this applicator is pliable, strong and efficient. The Pro-Applicator Durafoam Die Cut Applicator is 100% machine washable. 

Precise Applicators Help Make Less Mess 

Coloring in the lines is a valuable skill when detailing! Only dressing should go on textured plastic trim on bumpers, doors, and windows. Spreading a coat of wax or sealant can turn into an expensive mistake when sloppy technique puts the creams on porous plastics where they don't belong. Get the job done right the first time without undoing any messy work with the Pro-Applicator Durafoam Die Cut Applicator Pad. 

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