Top 5 Foam Cannon Tips

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Top 5 Foam Cannon Tips

Are you confused on how to or which foam cannon to choose from?
Perhaps you have one and need to know how to maintain it?

Watch as Nick shows you how to choose the precise foam cannon, as well as using it appropriately for maximum foam coverage to lubricate and lift stuck-on dirt and debris. Not only that, he differentiates between electric pressure washers and gas-powered pressure washers, as we all have much different pressure washers from each other with different levels of PSI and GPM. Nick covers the bases about what each difference of these pressure washers can do to affect the output of foam and suds from your foam cannons because not all are able to produce the same amount.

Tip 1: It's not even about the foam cannon, it's regarding the pressure washer that's required for a foam cannon to function. Nick helps you distinguish between choosing a gas or electric-powered pressure washer.

Tip 2: You've got the pressure washer, but what soap is best for your paint and color? Nick differentiates between the soaps and chooses what's best for this Versa.

Tip 3: Nick dives deep in explaining why he chose the Snow Foamer for this wash and how to properly use it. Many of your foam cannons operate fairly the same but with a few minor adjustments. Nick's tip can be applied to each of the foam cannons. Check out our other foam cannon with the link below. TORQ Foam Cannon Max 8

Tip 4: Nick is able to show you how to properly go through the washing process to maximize your results when using your foam cannon.

Tip 5: When it's all said and done, you need to properly maintain and store away your foam cannon to make sure it stays in peak condition.


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