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How to Safely Wash Your Car

1 Feb 2023
by Chemical Guys



The leading cause of swirls and scratches is improper washing and drying. Over 95% of swirls and scratches are caused by the owners loving and caring for their own cars incorrectly. The professionals use two buckets whenever washing cars to dramatically reduce the amount of abrasive dirt washed back onto the car. Fill two 3 - 5 gallon wash buckets with water, press a Dirt Trap wash screen to the bottom of each bucket, and add 1 - 3 ounces of your favorite Chemical Guys car wash soap to one of the buckets. Start by rinsing the car to remove any loose dirt and debris, and to start breaking down stuck-on filth and grime. The first wash bucket is for the soap solution and wash mitt, and the second bucket is for plain water used to rinse the wash mitt clean. Pick up slick soapy suds with the microfiber wash mitt, and gently clean off the abrasive dirt and grime from the vehicle paintwork. After one or two panels, it’s time to clean the dirt off the wash mitt. Dunk the dirty wash mitt in the second fresh water bucket to purge dirt and grime from the wash medium. Scrub the wash mitt against the Dirt Trap to push the dirt through the cyclone funnels and trap it underneath the insert. Wring the mitt out on the ground to purge any loose dirt particles from mitt before returning to the soap bucket for another pass on the vehicle. Rinse the car with fresh water after cleaning the entire car, then dry the car with soft microfiber towels or an electric air blower for a scratch-free shine.


Here's a helpful how-to video from Chemical Guys outlining the two bucket car wash process:




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