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Top 5 Favourite Chemical Guys Products

15 May 2023
by Doug - Detail Garage Langley

Detail Garage is a franchise of auto detailing supplies stores that stock and sell a wide range of car care products from manufacturers like Chemical Guys, TORQ Tool Company and SmartWax. The selection of detailing supplies these manufacturers offer is vast and can be difficult to navigate at times and I am hopeful that my list of favourite products will make finding what you're looking for a bit easier.

ProFlow Electric Pressure Washer

The ProFlow Electric Pressure Washer from Chemical Guys is a brilliantly compact and lightweight machine with a powerful 1680 watt electric motor that generates a whopping maximum of 2,030 PSI. This combination of power and dynamic weight distribution makes washing your car more than just a chore, but an experience that you'll look forward to after a long week. The ProFlow Electric Pressure Washer comes packed with five interchangeable pressure washer tips, a whopping 35ft power cord and a 20ft long water hose so that you can attack the dirt and grime from every angle. All you need to add to your arsenal is a Max Foam 8 Cannon and some premium car wash shampoo like Sticky Snowball and you're set!

ProBlow Handheld Dryer

If you have had issues with water spots or dust sticking to your car when you were done with your weekend wash it's likely that some spots were missed during the drying process. If you want to fix that problem then the ProBlow Handheld Dryer from Chemical Guys is a vital piece of equipment to add to your detailing arsenal. It comes equipped with a powerful 1000 watt motor, extra long 10ft power cord and an air filter so that you can make your drying process quick, safe and scratch free. It's lightweight design and ability to blast a powerful stream of air into hard to reach areas is what makes this product one of my favourite ones in the Chemical Guys line-up.

TORQ 15DA Polisher

TORQ 15DA Polisher

I've been doing paint correction for over ten years now and the TORQ 15DA Polisher takes the cake for my favourite polishing machine I have used thus far. The TORQ 15DA comes equipped with a 900 watt motor and range of anywhere between 1800 to 5500 RPM. The power coupled with the 15mm throw makes light work of deep scratches and heavy paint correction jobs. It has a four digit digital display screen, ergonomic handle and impeccable balance that gives you the control and consistency you need to make sure your paint correction job yields the best possible results. 


Hydro Shield Ceramic VRP

Hydro Shield Ceramic Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic Coating from Chemical Guys is one of the most effective and versatile chemicals in the Chemical Guys line-up in my opinion because of it's wide range of possible uses. This sprayable Sio2 formula is long lasting and resilient and can be used to protect and restore the look of faded interior and exterior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces (Yes, even your tires and engine bay). I find that it holds up and protects against harmful UV rays better than other vinyl, rubber and plastic restorers on the market because of it's unique ceramic based formula.

Chemical Guys Nonsense Invisible Super Cleaner

I can't begin to try and count how many different types of cleaners and degreasers from different manufacturers that I have used over the course of my detailing career. Nonsense Invisible Super Cleaner from Chemical Guys is by far my favourite general purpose cleaner because of it's versatility. Nonsense comes ready to use, but can be diluted all the way up to 20:1 for lighter duty cleaning needs. I recommend using Nonsense undiluted for tasks like detailing your engine bay, cleaning your wheels, or trying to get remove tough dirt and debris from exterior plastics and trim. Dilute the chemical 10:1 to effectively clean your vehicle's interior vinyl, rubber or plastic surfaces and then wipe on some Hydro Shield to have your car looking like new again!

I have been in the industry for a long time and I understand that the detailing industry is an ever-changing landscape and it can be tough to keep up with the changes over the years. Relying on industry professionals to help you navigate the fray is the best method for staying up to date and making informed decisions when it comes to caring for your car.


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