Rotary Backing Plate DA Adaptor

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Reuse Your Old & Trusty Backing Plates

Detailers have used the rotary polisher for decades and have collected a wide array of rotary backing plates. However, the flexibility and finesse of the new dual action machine is hard to beat, and many detailers are making the switch. But why purchase new backing plates for the new machine? With the Good Screw, you can run your old rotary polisher backing plates on new dual action machines!

New Technology With Better Results

Attach any sized rotary backing plate from 1’’ to 10’’ to a dual action polisher, and work on any automobile surface big or small. The Good Screw connects 5/16" - 24 DA polisher spindle threads to 5/8" - 11 rotary polisher backing plates. Hang on to and use the same tried and true polishing tools and accessories from yesterday and give them a second lease on life with the Good Screw!

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