C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound

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Rapid Problem Solving

Speed and perfection was our goal in developing C4, the evolutionary compound capable of precision paint correction and perfection. Rapid results in less time in a compound that is effortlessly capable of removing scratches and swirls, sanding marks, scratches, acid rain etching, and severe swirls and holograms means this is your new go-to compound whether you have a DA or rotary polisher, or you’re working by hand. C4 is developed for fast cutting paint correction without long work times and is designed and developed for tremendous results in the shortest time possible.

Consistent Cut Technology

Consistency is key when it comes to a compound you can count on. Chemical Guys C4 maintains a consistent cut from start to finish for ultimate control and predictability. The advanced water based compound delivers superior results faster and easier than traditional polishes or compounds and is the easiest way to remove scratches and swirls and 1200 grit and finer sanding marks. It’s all about speed and precision in developing C4, a superior heavy-cut compound and paint correction scratch remover that finishes down like a polish while saving time is simply unheard of.

Finishes Ultra-Fine To Perfection

Unlike heavy duty abrasive compounds that leave a significant amount of micro-marring and compounding swirls that would require several additional polishing steps to completely refine the finish, C4 is developed to finish to perfection. Use Chemical Guys C4 for maximum paint correction effortlessly in the shortest time with the best results!

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