Chromatic Camo T-Shirt

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Stand Out From The Crowd

Camouflage was invented to blend in but we’ve flipped the script with a unique chromatic design that pops right off this shirt! You’ll never feel dull wearing this colorful tee adorned with the iconic Chemical Guys logo and with our extra breathable cotton design, you’ll experience maximum softness and maximum durability! Blues, greys, yellows and greens all abound in this unique design sure to brighten any mood and make any day a vibrant success!

Bring The Art Of The Streets To Your Style

This street-art inspired tee pays homage to the urban jungles your ride rolls through. Reflect the world in which you live and show off your vibrant style with the shirt that tells everyone just where you get your shine from: Chemical Guys! The extra long length of this shirt will keep you from scratching your super shiny paint while also keeping you cool as you detail, so you’re always comfortable, even during the toughest work and hottest summers.

Color Your World Camouflage

The Chromatic Camo Tees is the perfect uniform for the detailer who’s ready for anything, and it’ll be sure to turn some heads as you ride through the streets in these electrifying colors. The tagless collar will keep your neck from itching and the back design with the Chemical Guys name will let everyone know your source of shine. And don’t worry about missing that tag, we stuck it on the front so there’ll be no question that you’re Chemical Guys verified!

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