Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat

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Work In Supreme Comfort

Detailing in the hot sun is no simple task. It’s easy to get overheated, burnt, and worn out before you know it. With the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat from Chemical Guys, you can work in comfort and detail in style no matter the weather! With it’s 100% cotton design and ventilated breathability, the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat will help keep you cool on even the hottest summer days! Whether you’re wearing it frontwards to shield your eyes from the sun, or backwards to keep your neck from burning, you’ll be cool and comfortable with the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat!

Detail In Supreme Style

With the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat your personal style will look as good as the rides you detail! The stylish camouflage design sports the signature Chemical Guys Script logo on the front that lets everyone know just where you get your shine from. The snapback closure allows you to adjust the size of the strap and customize it to your head for the perfect fit, so no matter your head size, you can freshen up your fashion and maximize your style with this bold hat! Whether you’re hard at work giving your ride a signature shine or kicking back with friends after a long week, the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat will have you looking good!

Discover Maximum Versatility

Whether you’re looking for a new piece of detailing armor to shield your eyes, face, and neck from the blistering sun while you work, or a new piece of signature style to turn some heads and garner some respect while you’re out on the town, the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat is the hat you’ve been looking for! Durable and practical to keep you cool while you work, yet stylish and comfortable to keep you looking good while you chill, the Snap-It-Back Camo Script Hat will be your favorite new addition to your wardrobe!

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