MTM Professional Foam Cannon

Article number: EQP_300
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Next Generation Air-Injection Technology

The unique air injection system of the MTM Foam Cannon creates the thickest car wash foam imaginable. The hi-tech nozzle combines high pressure water, the perfect blend of air, and your favorite Chemical Guys car wash shampoo to create an amazing snow foam experience. A large 32 oz fluid tank and a high sweep jet nozzle guarantees full foam coverage on your car for the ultimate washing experience.

Safest Wash Experience Ever

Improper washing rubs dirt and grime into the paintwork, causing scratches that mask shine with a dull and neglected finish. The MTM Foam Cannon helps reduce swirl marks and scratches by pre-soaking the vehicle’s exterior with slick car wash soap. This blanket of foam adds extra lubrication for your wash mitt to gently pull abrasive dirt and grime off the paintwork for a scratch-less wash. 

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