Master Grip Soft Horse Hair Detailing Brush

Article number: ACC_663
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Use This Brush To:

Get every fine detail, corner, crevice spotless
Flick away annoying bits of dust, dust, grime
Dust vents, switches, buttons, seams, cracks
Take down the greasiest and filthiest messes
Clean wheel spokes, brake parts, exhaust tips

Natural Horse Hair Bristles for Softest Touch

Not only are interior parts small and full of tricky shapes, they are made with a wide variety of materials that are extremely sensitive. The natural horsehair bristles of the Master Grip Brush are tough on dirt, but gentle on sensitive plastics, leather, vinyl, and textured rubber interior surfaces. Natural horse hair is lint-free and absorbs and distributes liquid and cleaners efficiently.

Ergonomically Designed as an Extension of Your Hand

The slender profile and long handle help this brush reach deep into tight gaps and areas where other brushes don’t fit. Ribbed ridges along the handle make it easier for any detailer to grasp the brush for intense rubbing and scrubbing. The handle is not just a straight stick; a gentle curve pitches the scrubbing head away from and below the axis of brush handle, maximizing leverage and power.

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