ProBlow Handheld Dryer & Blower

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The Best Way To Dry

Dry your car in mere minutes with the ProBlow! It not only cuts your drying time in half, it’s also the safest and most fun way to dry. By using a super strong stream of air and not having anything actually make contact with the surface, you’re greatly reducing the risk of scratching that beautiful paint of yours! The ProBlow blows an ultra powerful jet stream of air to dry EVERY part of your ride, including those hard to reach areas that your hands just can’t reach. Blow stuck water out from door mirrors, trim pieces, lugnuts, gas hatches, tail lights, and anywhere else it leaks out as you drive away!

Max Power, Max Use, Max Comfort

Flip the easy access switch and feel the powerful 1000 watt motor push out an intense jet stream of air perfect for drying virtually any wet surface from your car to boat to wet pavement to houses, decks, and more! The extra-long 10ft (120in) long cord means you can take your ProBlow anywhere you need it with ease, and the rubber tip means that even if you accidentally touch your paint, it won’t scratch. The lightweight 3.3lb unit means that it’s super comfortable to use… turn it on and after you finish drying your car, you’re going to want to dry everything in sight! You can even use it at home to help with yard work, around the garage, and more.

Dry Those Nooks And Crannies

Everyone knows that feeling of finishing up your detail and then driving away only to have dirty water drip from door jambs, mirrors, logos and more. Now, with the ProBlow, you can easily push standing water from hard to reach nooks and crannies after every wash such as mirrors, trim, bumpers, emblems, lug nuts, grilles, grates, door jambs and more! You can even open up your engine bay and blow out water, cleaners, or dressings when you’re done. Start drying your ride like a pro with the ProBlow High Flow Professional Handheld Dryer & Blower

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