Snap-It-Back Red Script Hat

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Look Good While You Detail

You put a lot of effort into making your car look good. You wash and wax, polish and protect, shine and seal. Now, you can look as good as your car does with the Snap-It-Back Red Script Hat! Give your personal style the same signature Chemical Guys shine you give your car with this durably functional, stylishly useful, maximally breathable hat that helps you stay cool on hot details and lets everyone know just who the baddest detailer on the block is: you!

Keep Cool And Detail On

With its 100% cotton design, breathable ventilation, and wide brim, the Snap-It-Back Red Script Hat is sure to help you stay cool on even the hottest summer days! Detailing in the hot sun can take its toll on even the most serious detailer, but with this ultra durable, supremely stylish hat, Chemical Guys has you covered! The snapback closure is sure to fit most heads so whether you’re big or small, the Red Script Hat will help you snap into shine!

Practical, Durable, Stylish

Whether you’re looking to protect your face, head, and neck from the blistering heat and scorching sun while you’re detailing, or you’re looking to add some signature shine to your personal style while you’re relaxing with friends, the Snap-It-Back Red Script Hat is perfect for all occasions! Durable and practical to keep you cool while you work yet stylish and comfortable to keep you looking good while you chill, the Red Script Hat is THE hat for you!

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