Speed Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel, Neon Green (25” x 30“)

Article number: MIC530
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The Speed Mammoth Drying Towel is the large 25” x 30” ultra-plush drying towel coming in at half an inch thick that holds up to half a gallon of water designed to quickly and effectively remove water from your vehicle's surface, leaving it streak-free and spotless in no time!


  • Large 25x30” size dries fast and easy
  • Ultra-absorbent dense microfiber strands
  • Streamline design easily gets in tight spaces
  • Leaves your car with a clean and streak-free finish
  • Easy to maneuver on any size car
  • Perfect for smaller cars, and absorbent enough for larger cars
  • Helps reduce drying time for an ultra fast detail
  • Silk banded edges for a pristine scratch-free finish
  • Hanging loop for easy drying and storage
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