Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam Car Wash

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Mega Foam For Mega Fun

Sticky Snowball Shampoo will exceed your expectations with its thick, luxurious suds that can last through the entire wash. Other soaps slide down the surface and disappear by the time you get around to them with your wash mitt. Sticky Snowball is developed and crafted to produce tons of thick mega suds that stick hard to the surface, providing extended time for the soap to encapsulate dirt and debris and remove it without adding swirls or scratches.

Spotless Shine Every Time

Sticky Snowball doesn’t just clean- added specialty gloss enhancers add an amazing just waxed shine that stuns. Superior Slick Rinse Technology delivers a rapid free rinsing soap that’s slick enough to rinse freely from the surface designed to help resist streaks and water spots so that you’re left with that new car shine, every time. Added paint conditioners help resist water spots and streaking while drying and the gentle pH balanced formula won’t strip waxes or sealants, making it easy for anyone to get amazing results!

Sticky Snowball Science Works

Sticky Snowball blends the perfect fusion of stickiness and slickness to achieve results unlike any other soap. Sticky Snowball delivers exceptional results with a 2-bucket wash method and excels when used in foam cannon and foam blaster. The extremely concentrated formula makes it perfect for cleaning anything from extra dirty off roaders to lightly dusty garage queens. Achieve a superior clean and a brilliant just waxed shine with Sticky Snowball Ultra Snow Foam!

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