Total Extract Tire and Rubber Cleaner (16oz)

Article number: CLD30216
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Total Extract Tire & Rubber Cleaner is the must have detailing essential that quickly cleans dirt, browning (tire blooming), grime, discoloration, oxidation, and caked on old dressing and tire shine products from your rubber tires and trim and restore it to a clean brilliant, dark, rich surface once again.

  • Helps remove harsh oxidation and built up grime from rubber
  • Helps restore tires to their dark, rich color
  • Ideal for use before applying your favorite dressing, tire shine, protectant or ceramic coating
  • Watch dirt and grime dissolve quickly with this fast-acting and easy to use formula
  • Quickly removes tire browning (tire “blooming”)
  • Formulated for use on tires and rubber trim
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