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Leather Cleaning & Maintenance

4 Feb 2023
by Chemical Guys

How to clean and maintain your leather


Starting with a simple vacuuming to remove the bulk of grime that accumulates all over the carpets and seats after months of daily driving as well as a cross-country road trip. Next, we spray Leather Cleaner directly onto any leather surface and agitate with a Premium Select Horse Hair Interior Cleaning Brush. In smaller areas we recommend spraying the brush or towel rather than the leather surface this way unnecessary over spray won't occur. After the surface is clean and the excess has been wiped off using a Yellow Workhorse Microfiber Towel which we have designated for interior detailing jobs to prevent cross contamination with other cleaning jobs, it's time to protect the surface. Leather Conditioner is a cream that revives leather goods by providing the surface with vital nutrients that keep the leather soft and prevent fading or cracking over time. Lastly, we spray a fine mist of Fabric Guard across all fabric surfaces for a protective surface that repels dirt and water prevent stains while looking better for longer.



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