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So you just purchased a beautiful ride and after driving around for a week it looks a mess. Do you want to learn how to fully clean your new car? The "Do It Yourself" Basics of Detailing class offers a great way to get your vehicle looking its best and keep it looking great for years to come. It is designed to provide each participant with the basics of detailing your own vehicle. This interactive and highly informative hands-on training course is geared towards car owners and enthusiasts to show you tips and tricks to proper detailing. Don’t miss this fast-paced straight to the point of success DIY class!

Have fun and learn to take care of your car properly. Everything you need to know to keep one of your biggest investments in tip-top condition. Step-by-step, hands on training with in our state-of-the-art training arena. We'll even feed you! Come have fun and learn how to detail your car. Register with a friend for even more fun. With so many different types of paint and multiple ways of caring for different vehicles, learning all the tools and techniques is a must for the Do-It-Yourself detailer as well as the professional.



  • Proper Wash Techniques
  • Utilize waterless wash technology
  • Clay bar technique
  • Paste wax application
  • Proper sealant application
  • Microfiber towel use
  • Interior cleaning and protection techniques
  • Dressings for interior/ exterior



An absolute must for car enthusiasts and fun seekers looking to learn more about detailing. If you or someone you know is new to auto detailing, interested in getting started in the industry, looking to learn how to personally detail cars, boats and RV's, looking to increase income drastically by staring to detail on the side or even full time, for just looking to take your hobby to the next level.....this course is a must.

There is a wrong way to doing things, then there is the right way...that's where the Basics of Detailing Class comes in. During this course, you will learn the correct way to wash your vehicle which will help reduce the likelihood of scratching or damaging your paint. In this course students learn how to properly use different chemicals/products to achieve the best results. Whether you are looking to take care of your brand new vehicle or if you are trying to bring you car back to life - this class will help you! We at Smart Detailing University can teach you the newest and most advanced washing techniques and take the guesswork away!