Dublo-Dual Sized Red Foam Car Wax, Sealant & Glaze Applicator (2 Pack)

Article number: ACC_142
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Straightforward No-Mess Detailing

The Dublo Applicator is like two applicator pads in one: the double-sided hockey-puck style design is cut from one extra-large foam disc. The thick center notch leaves a deep groove for fingers to grip without touching any adsorbed product, or filth. The dense Durafoam absorb and spread the perfect amount of wax, sealant, glaze, or dressing over the surface.

For Use Inside or Outside Any Vehicle

The unique laser-cut ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and grab, and keeps your fingers and hands clean as you detail. Spread wax and sealant over paintwork, wheel coatings over chrome rims, dressing over tires and bumpers, or even leather conditioner creams into seats with these extra-soft premium applicators. Dublo Dual-Sided Applicators come in packs of two for double the detailing work!

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