HydroGlide Ceramic Waterless Wash (16 oz)

Article number: CWS21416
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Chemical Guys HydroGlide is the ultimate 6-in-1 ceramic waterless wash that cleans, adds a super high-shine finish, helps reduce imperfections, adds depth and clarity to your vehicle's paint, and provides ceramic hydrophobic water beading protection without using any water- all in one easy step!


  • 6 in 1: Cleans, shines, helps reduce imperfections, adds depth, clarity, hydrophobicity, and protects
  • Multi-Surface Efficiency: this versatile waterless wash can be used on paint, glass, metal, chrome, plastics and more
  • Hybrid formula combines the speed and convenience of a waterless wash with the shine and protection of ceramic
  • Easy To Use – Waterless wash means no water, no buckets, no hassle
  • Great for use on coated and non-coated cars
  • Regular use will help extend the life of your coating
  • Quickly removes dirt, grime, bird droppings, dust, and more
  • Creates a ceramic mirror-shine, glass-like finish
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