Made In LA Flight Tag Keychain

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Prepare For Take Off

Whether your ride is a high horsepower muscle car, a lithe canyon carver, or a low rider on air, every time you pull your keys out of your pocket, everyone will know just where you get your shine from with the Made in LA Keychain! The soft fabric tag is easy to grasp and you can even leave it hanging out of your pocket for easy access and to put your passion for shine on full display.

Get Organized WIth Chemical Guys

The Made in LA Keychain not only looks great, it helps manage that overflowing mess of keys, membership tags, and fobs that clutter your pockets. The reinforced key ring ensures that it can hold the largest collections of keys and paraphernalia securely, assembling them in one easy-to-hold accessory. The extra-thick expertly stitched fabric tag is soft, yet durable for constant daily abuse.

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