Heavy Duty Wash Bucket

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Advanced Construction Materials

Every Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket is built out of food-grade high density polyethylene plastic. This material is renowned for its strength-to-density ratio, and chemical resistance. The carrying handle is made from a tough steel baling wire that will not bend or break under heavy bucket loads. Heavy Duty Detailing Buckets are 90 mils thick—30% thicker than competitor’s standard buckets.

Amazing For More Than Just Detailing

Fill it with water, sit on it, or stuff it full of your favorite Chemical Guys goodies… the Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket is the versatile bucket that every detailer needs in their garage! Stay organized with towels in one bucket, 16oz bottles another, and accessories in a third clear bucket for an easily accessible and space saving arsenal that looks as amazing as it is efficient and organized. The clear construction of this bucket makes it easy to see right into your bucket, so you never lose sight of your detailing tools again!

Heavy Duty For Durability

Don’t just grab one Detailing Bucket, pick up a couple- they’re perfect for the two bucket method and for holding tons of suds! Stick in the Dirt Trap, then add your favorite Chemical Guys soap and watch as your bucket changes color to reflect the brilliant red of Watermelon Snow Foam, the green of Honeydew, or the sky blue of Glossworkz… it’s the most fun you’ve had detailing your ride! The choice is clear… pick up your Detailing Bucket and let the fun begin!

Color Coded Organization

Never mix up which bucket’s which again with the Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket! Pair the Smoked Black Bucket with the Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket for the perfect organizational solution to your detailing arsenal. The power of your two buckets combined makes for the optimal two bucket method car wash. Use Smoked Black for soap and Ultra Clear for rinse or vice versa so there’s never any confusion. When you’re done, use your buckets for safe and simple storage and organization of all your favorite Chemical Guys products!

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