Clayblock Clay Alternative

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We developed the revolutionary ClayBlock V2 to be fast and easy to use. Traditional detailing clay can be difficult to handle, hard to keep clean, and must be thrown away when dropped. The ClayBlock V2 is easy to use, and can quickly be cleaned with warm water if dropped on the ground. The Chemical Guys ClayBlock V2 uses extra fine clay that quickly cleanses the surface of embedded contaminants. Problems such as overspray, road tar, brake dust, and industrial fallout can cause your paint to feel rough, appear dull, and oxidize over time. ClayBlock V2 cleanses and restores your vehicle 's finish to a smooth-as-glass feel. Using ClayBlock V2 is easy! Simply apply a generous amount of Chemical Guys Luber to the surface and gently glide the ClayBlock V2 over glass, wheels, headlights, and painted surfaces to achieve a perfectly clean vehicle. Within minutes, any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV can feel smooth-as-glass, and perfectly prepared for a coat of your favorite wax or sealant. The Chemical Guys ClayBlock V2 makes removing embedded contaminates quick and easy!

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